Marie Pinkney for State Senate

My name is Marie Pinkney. 

I’ve talked to so many in our community who are ready for a change. I’m running to ensure healthcare becomes a human right, we have clean air and water, safety from gun violence, and our young people have a bright future.

I grew up here, and I have personally battled many of the same obstacles you may have experienced, both in my personal life and professionally as a master level social worker. 

I regularly stand alongside families fighting for their loved ones in the ICU; while they also fight their insurance companies for the coverage of much needed healthcare. 

I have been a foster parent to a teen mother and her son. 

I’ve studied how flawed and failing systems have led to inequities in socioeconomic status, encounters with the criminal justice system, and insufficient education for vulnerable populations. 

I have worked with our youth who face substance abuse and mental health problems. 

I have experienced first-hand how the system isn’t serving us and I can no longer watch as our elected officials continue to let us down. 

I believe we can make a real difference in the lives of regular people.

That is why I am running for the Delaware State Senate.